Armani Hotel

Dubai is known for its skyscrapers, lavish lifestyles, shopping malls and fantastic architecture. Now there is something more to it. Burj Khalifa- world’s tallest building is now there at Dubai. This is something that is making Dubai a must visit to many people’s destination list. Burj Khalifa is an engineering wonder from any side. It is also a sign of magnificent architecture. There is no doubt that Burj Khalifa the 825 meter high building has become the main attraction of Dubai these days. This beautiful country in the Middle East has made a lot of progress in last few decades and this was surely a great achievement. Till 2009 twin tower of Petronus was the tallest towers of the world. Burj Khalifa was open for all since 2010 January and it became the tallest tower then. The Armani Hotel and suites are the most popular places in the building. It is surely something exotic and royal.

Burj Khalifa can surely be called Dubai’s contribution to art and science. One can see the 825 meter high building from 100 km distance and that surely says the magical beauty and height of this building. Apart from being a blessing of science Burj Khalifa has 900 residences, fine dining in the 122 level, highest swimming pool, highest mosque, highest shopping mall, #7 office floors, observation deck at 124th level and lavish Armani Hotel with nearly 200 suites and guestrooms. Armani Hotel is just perfect for the guest’s need with underground parking area and a 4 story recreation there. There are many other things are there apart from the park and parking ground. The booking procedure is simple and you can even cancel that if you change your plan in case. You can do the booking or cancellation online or over the phone. It is better to use the credit card as the transaction will happen easily then.

Everybody know the fashion brand or Armani and now they are in the hotel business. There is definitely a lot to expect from them. New designs, new feel, unique exterior, royal ambience, great hospitality is some of the things to expect. After all this is the hotel of world famous fashion designer and there must be something different and very special. If you want to experience real luxury then you must enjoy a couple of days in the Armani Hotel for sure. The furnishing and designing has been done Giorgio Armani himself. You can enjoy a fine and happy meal at the luxury restaurant. Dubai is the fastest growing country in the world and Burj Khalifa is just a proof of their success. It surely has become the pride of Dubai. If you visit Dubai you must not miss visiting this piece of history.